South Florida restaurants get spooky with Halloween drinks

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South Florida restaurants get spooky with Halloween drinks

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Halloween is five days away. If you haven’t found a place to party, don’t be scared. Deco’s got some South Florida spots that are serving up the kind of spirits you find in a glass. We have more from Chris Van Vliet — a man who’s equal parts trick and treat.

Halloween isn’t just for kids. In fact, it might even be more fun for us big kids because our treats have alcohol in them!

At Shooters Waterfront in Fort Lauderdale, a familiar face will be tending bar on Halloween.

Dustin “Beetlejuice” Williams: “Beetlejuice.”

The ghost with the most has come up with creepy cocktails perfect for the spookiest night of the year.

The inspiration for the drinks comes from his favorite hangout.

Dustin “Beetlejuice” Williams: “I was sitting in the cemetery, BS-ing with the other ghosts.”

Beetlejuice is particularly fond of the Shrunken Head.

That’s a green apple carved to look like — you guessed it — a shrunken head. It sits on a mix of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Whiskey and house apple cider.

Dustin “Beetlejuice” Williams: “It’s Halloween at Shooters. That’s how we do it.”

Take a little grenadine, a little Stoli, mix it with some heavy cream and pineapple juice, crown it with whipped cream, and you’ve got the Candy Corn Martini.

So, what kind of effect do these and the other cocktails have on party people?

Dustin “Beetlejuice” Williams: “They’re going to turn into a little bit rotten version of me — cut a little rug, get a little loose, have a good time.”

Katie, customer: “Halloween here is amazing. This is like the place to be.”

This Halloween, Monty’s Raw Bar in Coconut Grove invites you to take a shot in the eye. No, not a real hit — a drink!

The chill bar is going ghoulish for the holiday.

Mark Poor, Monty’s: “For Halloween, it’s gonna be the same fun time as our normal Monty’s, but we’re featuring a few amazing drinks.”

If pina coladas are your thing, dare to sip on this.

Mark Poor: “We’ve got a Zombie Virus, which is delicious, but you have to wait a minute before you have it or it’s gonna hurt you.”

That dry ice sure will sting.

Not into that? Well, be the devil’s adovcate with the Devil’s PK3.

Mark Poor: “We’re famous for our Pain Removers, but we’re spicing this one up, making it a little bit scarier”

And it looks like it’s a big hit.

Karen McCarthy, customer: “It tastes like Kool-Aid, but you can tell this is probably going to be a little stronger. A couple of these, and I’ll be the devil.”

Or indulge in the Black Widow Treat.

Mark Poor: “A delicous purple maragarita with a spider right on top.”

So go have a devil of a time and enjoy that spider crawling around in your drink.

Don’t worry, it’s fake … or is it?

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