Sushi 101 at Shooters Waterfront

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Sushi 101 at Shooters Waterfront

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May 5, 2016

Making sushi is an art form that can take years to perfect, but learning the basics isn’t so hard … if you have a good teacher.

Shooters Waterfront Fort Lauderdale has a roll-it-yourself class on the first Friday of every month, starting Friday, and Deco’s checking it out.

Sushi rolling class is in session at Shooters Waterfront in Fort Lauderdale — on the first Friday of every month.

Brian Cornelius: “We’re offering a fun, interactive learning course where we can teach and people can learn and take home that knowledge to wow their friends and family.”

Everything’s all set up, from fresh tuna and crabmeat to masago fish roe, sushi rice, sesame seeds and fresh-cut avocado. All you gotta do is pay attention!

Brian Cornelius: “So we’re gonna start with the rough side of the nori facing you at the widest point.”

You start with the basics, making a classic California roll first.

Brian Cornelius: “It’s one of the easier rolls to make, and we’re gonna get it going ’cause that’s how we roll.”

Shooters’ chefs are there to help you at every step.

Brian Cornelius: “You wanna be pressing down moderately. Yep, that’s it, you wanna sesame it up. All right, everyone’s looking good so far.”

The class costs $39 per person, or make it a date night for $60 a couple. Either way, you get sake to help loosen you up.

Brian Cornelius: “That’s how we roll. Yay! Yeah! Cheers! Woo.”

You’ll be making two huge rolls.

This one’s a spicy tuna.

No knife skills needed — the chef’s got you covered — and you get to eat your results.

Brian Cornelius: “We cut it into eight jumbo pieces. Very filling.”

What you don’t finish, you can take home — and that’s not all.

Brian Cornelius: “Not only will you be able to take home the knowledge to roll sushi for your friends and family, but we’re also gonna treat you to an amazing three-course meal.”

Brian Cornelius: “The first course is a miso soup, the second is a seared scallop with a toasted sesame dressing and a cashew chicken. It’s like a surf and turf with chicken and scallops.”

And you finish it off with dessert — coconut green tea sorbet with a cookie on top!

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